Sunday, May 25, 2008

The boys and their things....

This is my little basketball player. The boys got this for christmas and obviously Dylan was only 9 months old, so I thought Jaxon would love it. Unfortunately he has probably played with it a couple of times but last night Dylan ran away from me while I was trying to put on his PJ's and he kept reaching to put the ball in, finally he got it after a few falls and repeated attempts. I can just picture it years down the road, "Dylan has always loved to play basketball even when he was 1," isn't that every mothers dream to have a basketball star? Well I think it would just be the sweetest thing ever.
Jaxon loves to play with these matchbox cars, I think we buy one everytime we go to the store, the only problem is that we can't seem to keep track of them. So I guess we will just keep buying them. He was so excited to get them out and play with them, can't you just see the excitement in his eyes. What a cutie. How can I resist buying them things that make them smile like this.

Yesterday we went to this new park, it's really nice the ground has this squishy stuff on it so you bounce along as you walk, its great for those clumsy times. My boys just love going to the park, it surprises me how brave they are to go down the big slides. There is this little baby section that is not as big so that is where I let Dylan play, he gets so excited and runs around I always worry that he is going to fall down the slide and so I try to grab him and he tries to get away faster so I won't get him down. I need to take them to the park more often cause they love it so much.

I caught this of Jaxon when he was getting ready to go down the slide. The kids kept looking at me like why are you up here. Jaxon would not take off his green sunglasses the whole day, no matter where we went he had to have them on. He has some nicer sunglasses with lightning mcqueen on them but he insists on wearing these wierd flourecent ones. We do have a pair of pink ones at home and I'm just glad it wasn't those.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My new goals.....

#1 Drink more water, I like water but it just seems as though after my morning coffee I am too full, and then the next thing you know it is later in the afternoon and I have not drank any water yet. The worst is when I am working and you are just busy the whole first part of the shift and by the time you sit down for lunch at 12 a.m. I figure I better drink soda so I can stay awake and then it is morning and I'm like dang I should have drank more water. And we have all heard that hunger is most often confused as thirst, so if your body is thirsty it makes you think it is hungry. Me and my friend Paige used to always joke back in our younger days if you think you are hungry just drink more water. It was really funny to us cause we were always struggling to loose weight, and I guess it is totally true. So I am going to drink way more water.

#2 Eat more salads, I really like salads its just that whenever I buy lettuce it ends up spoiling before I can use it all. This salad I ate today is super yummy and why should I have any problem eating it for lunch and dinner.

So I figure if I say it out loud I am kind of held to it, and hopefully everytime I look at my blog page I will be reminded of that. I have been exercising and its great, now I just need to get control of my eating. As many of you may know, its hard when you have cookies and things around for the kids. I am going to be strong......

Fun Times at the Park

So both of my kids just love going to the parks here in town. And lucky for us there are some pretty cool parks here. It seems as though there is a new one quite freqently. I will have to take some pictures at some of the really cool ones. The only downer of some of them, there are not swings at all of them, and these two love swings they just sit there and giggle everytime I push them its so freakin cute. Since it is like a million degrees down here they have been putting in splash pads everywhere, so needless to say we come home soaked, so lately I have just been taking thier swimming suits, and they love it. Also this new park has like a shade cover over the slides and stuff, I will have to take pictures its a little hard to explain. We try to go to the park on my days off if we can, I have to reward the kids, because I take them to the gym with me and they stay in the daycare and they hate it. So I guess its bribery, is that bad? Well I have found a new love, its my turbo kick class at the gym its so fun and its a great work out too, so they have to go. That is my mommy time :) Everybody says that we need it, so I guess that is it for me.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Testing things out

I was just testing out my photoshop and wanted my sis to see if it looked ok, its a little sloppy, but what do you think, K'Brina?

New Day, New Pics

Look at this brotherly love, these two are constantly fighting over everything. I have found myself just buying two of everything because I cannot stand to hear a crying fit all the time. That probably isn't the best in teaching them to take turns, but I am sure that they will learn (someday). My boys just love having baths, which is a relief because I once new someone that she had to fight her little boy to bathe, and even though they are little they are starting to be stinky already, I can't wait till they get older... I have to admit I am a bit worried for what is to come, I have no idea how boys are and I just hope that they will always lover their mommy.
We don't have any real exciting pictures to post, just our daily bath, how exciting. I am so upset, I had the cutest pictures that I took a couple days ago, one of Jaxon's friends was over playing in our bouncer and I got the cutest picture of the two boys and then I got one of Dylan just sitting in the grass. I thought they were so cute and I was messing around with my camera and somehow all my pictures were gone, I was so mad I screamed and Jaxon said what happened. It just ticked me off cause not very often can you get a real cute picture of the boys. And I could just picture the cutest scrapbook page of Jaxon and his friend. They were both born within a month of each other and we have always let them play together. It doesn't necessarily mean they get along great, but they are starting to. Selfish two year olds they are kind of testy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Me and Freddie

I haven't posted a lot of pictures of Freddie, my husband, I mostly am just snapping pictures of the kids, and it doesn't help that we are hardly ever home at the same time. Maybe a coulple hours in the morning and some evenings. Its hard but, I guess we do what we have to so that our kids don't have to stay in a daycare and we don't wear out all of our resources. No matter how cute I think that my kids are everyone doesn't feel equally, we can only hope huh. Anyways we went to my BF wedding last weekend in Las Vegas, we got a night away from the kids alone. We had so much fun and I was also happy for my friend, Shauni. Ever since I have had kids I have been such an emotional person, I bawl over everything, I was kind of feeling stupid when I was bawling at her wedding, I felt as if I was one of the only ones, but it is just so beautiful on your wedding day, it just has a special feeling that you will never experience again, and it is priceless to see the bride in her gown and the groom seeing them for the first time. I hope that I am not the only one that feels this way. Anyways these are a few pics of the wedding and me and Freddie.

Attempting creativity

I go through these creative phases, sometimes I can just whip out scrapbook pages and random things, and other days I can't think of anything. So the last couple of days I have become obsessed with making these cards. I have always wanted to make a bunch and have them on hand so that when something comes up I can just grab one. I also covered some little notebooks for our bunko, its amazing how cute a notebook can become especially a .25 one. Its so fun and some of them I think are so cute. And with my cards I always save all the scraps of paper and its so easy to use the scraps, so hardly any paper goes to waste. So don't be surprised of some of you get some cards. I should be working on my kids scrapbook.

Random Pictures

I just happened to snap these pictures of the kids, Jaxon was waiting for his shorts to dry and he was just wandering around in his little undies. They are the cutest boxer breifs i've seen. I saw him in there and I wanted to get one of those cute pictures from the back where they are just doing their own thing, but he turned around before I could get my camra ready, but I think that it turned out just as cute. Dylan, on the other hand was just taking a little nap in his crib and I peeked in because I am a paranoid mom that is constantly checking on the kids and his cute little feet were just sticking out, I just thought that it was so cute. I guess that means he is getting big because he is so tall.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tag and I'm it....

Thanks K'Brina :)


A-Attached or Single: Attached
B-Best Friends:K'Brina and Freddie (he's not as much fun as K'Brina) Sorry babe, you know you hate to shop.
C-Cake or Pie: Cake definatley, I do like strawberry pie though.
D-Day of Choice: Any day I am not working.
E-Essential Item: Lip gloss and flip flops.
F-Favorite Color(s):Red and Black
G-Gummy Bears or Worms:neither I would rather have chocolate.
H-Hometown: Salina
I-Indulgences:Coffee, I love it, iced, hot, blended any kind I love it.
J-January or July: July of course I love summer.
K-Kids- 2 Beautiful Boys
L-Life is incomplete without-a messy house and snacks for hungry boys.
M-Marriage Date: July 22, 2006.
N-Number of Siblings: 1 sis, the best I could ask for.
O-Oranges or Apples: Apples, I hate peeling oranges.
P-Phobias or Fears: Spiders, and something bad happening to someone I love.
Q-Quote: "The most important things in life aren't things" Its true and I can't really think of any others.
R-Ring size: 6 depending on if its hot or cold.
S-Season: Too hard to choose, I love Christmas, I love Fall, and I love love Summer.
T-Tag 3 Friends:Shauni, Lauren, Becky.
U-Unknown fact about me: I have anxiety about rules and directions, must follow all rules. Retarded I know.
V-Very Favorite Store:Who are you kidding I love all stores. Target, Roberts, Pebbles in my Pocket, Iron Station.
W-Worst Habit:Procrastinater and unorganized.
X-X-Ray or Ultrasound:Duh, ultrasound.
Y-Your Favorite Food: Pasta Olive Garden. (The most fattening stuff).
Z-Zodiac: Gemini (Thats right evil twin).