Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy father's day. Here is a few pictures of how we spent our fathers day. My boys sure love their dad, he is the best dad, he has the biggest heart and loves these boys more than anything, he also isn't afraid to get down and play with them. My boys are lucky to have such a great dad. It was so cute Jaxon went to church with his grandma and grandpa Mattinson and he made a fathers day present for his dad right when we got there to get him be was saying "daddy, daddy" and he gave the present to freddie, he was so proud it was so cute.

Here is my dad and Dylan, my boys just love their grandpa's. They would rather go to a grandpa over anyone, its cute, cause my dad needs some boys in his life. Dylan is in this kiss phase and he sure puckers, its so precious. Anyhow, Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there life wouldn't be the same without a dad in it. We love you, especially all of my dads, stepdads, fathers in law, and grandpas, I have the best support system ever. Thanks everyone you are the best.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Lake

We finally got our boat out of storage and went to the lake. Just the 4 of us. It was Dylan's first time and Jaxon's second. Jaxon bawled when we first got there he didn't want to get in the water and he was scard to walk on the dock. He never really has liked swimming. I always hoped they would just jump right in and be little water dogs, but I guess we still have time. I just love this picture of Dylan, it just looks so sweet and innocent staring out to the water. He is getting so big. Needless to say Dylan loved the water he just ran around in it and kept falling in face first. Jaxon's favorite part was digging in the sand, he has always been a little gardener, he takes after his grandpa mattinson. We tried to build sand castles, but Dylan kept knocking them over. The sand was nice and soft and the kids loved it.
This is just the two of them busy at work, digging, playing having fun. Jaxon didn't want to leave by the end, he was running around in the water and splashing. He was even brave enough to walk all the way out and touch the boat. His daddy let him drive the boat and he loved that, we kept saying should we go home and he was like "not yet." That is our boat in the back, its an oldy but a goody. We have had some good times in that boat. We hope to take a few more trips out this summer and let the kids get used to it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Day in the Sun

Today we went to this park, it is such a nice park it has a water feature and the ground is all squishy so you just bounce along. The kids had fun and got soaked. Dylan is so attached to his blanky that he can't leave it, so of course he just drags it along. He loves the silky part and the only 2 we have are white, so they are constantly dirty and today they had wood chips stuck to it. I was able to tear him away from it while he got in the water. They are so cute with the water, I guess we need to just plan on bringing extra clothes or their swimming suits. I should take the kids out more often, but we are always waiting for someone to wake up and then its usually too late. I need to get more of a nap schedule, but I never have been good with schedules.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

6 Random things about me...

1. I am obsessive compulsive about the dumbest things. I have to follow directions and rules to a T. Like driving I have to be in the lane I need to be in forever in advance, and I drive my husband nuts cause I am always like get over already. I have to follow recipes too, I could never be a creative cook, unless it was by accident. I also have an obsession of plain white and black T-shirts, you can never have too many.
2. I secretly want to live in Salina! Mainly I want to live close to my family, but it will probably never happen, so I think you want what you can't have.
3.I am a messy person, I have a lot of clutter. I hate it but its like I can't get rid of stuff.
4.I want to be a professional photographer.
5.I love old 80's movies, I sware they don't make movies like they used to.
6.I am a spender, I love to shop and buy my kids whatever they want.

Tag 6 People:Shauni, Lauren, Becky, Tiffany, ya I can't think of anyone else.

Its been a While....

This was our balcony view in Puerto Vallarta, the sunsets there were amazing, I wish I could be in a beach paradise a little more often. Check out the cute bungalos at the bottom. So fun, I recommend it to anyone.
These are my cute boys, when they were babies. Sad, they grow up so fast. Jaxon didn't know what to think of Dylan but he has always loved to give him kisses.
This was Dylan after he was born, his blood sugar was low so they had to keep him in the nursery give him an IV and some dextrose. He was so cute, poor thing.
This was Jaxon when he was 18 months old, he has always been so photogenic, I just love this picture cause looks so mischievious, hello, he is mischeivious. :)

And last another one of little Dylan, he was so tiny, he is wearing this little premie outfit, I just die everytime I look at it cause it is rediculously small. I will have to post some of Jaxon when he was a tiny little thing. They are so precious when they are little. Don't get me wrong I got two precious boys now but there is something about newborns that are so sweet. Probably cause it lasts for like 2 seconds and they are grown.
So K'Brina tell me what you think.