Sunday, March 29, 2009

The story of life....

Well its been a while and I have been trying to get my pictures on my computer ready to post, life is pretty busy with 3 boys under 4. To get a second to play on the computer is almost impossible. The picture of me pregnant is one of the few pictures I have, but its so hard to remember what it was like I was like what the heck, so right before we left to the hospital inbetween contractions Freddie snapped one. I started having contractions around midnight, but I kept thinking they would go away, so I sat up watching TV, but they stayed and they were sporadic, not like 5 min apart, it would go 8 then 5, so I thought it was fake. I called my mom at 2 am and told her it was time. Her and my sister were on their way, I think they took their time cause I was not for sure. I decided to shower and get ready cause I was sick of looking like crap in all my delivery pictures, but while I was getting ready my contractions all the sudden got really bad. I was trying to finish getting ready I was dying, so I was like fred we have got to go. He called his mom and we left before she even got there, thats how bad it was.The nurse knew I was having contractions close so she checked me immediately and I was an 8 plus, she was like I don't think you will be able to have an epidural, I had always wanted to go natural, but the option of not being able to was too much, and I was hurting worse than I had remembered. It was so wierd everything happened so fast, my mom got there in great time and I got my epidural and it was a good one, I could totally move my legs it just decreased the pain a little, I could still feel everything. It made recovery so fast. Afterwards Xander could not keep his temperature up and he was kind of grunting while breathing, so they watched him close and drew a few labs, but he did good. And we both left the hospital the next day. We struggled with a name because we did not agree on everything. So we finally decided Alexander Eddie. And we have been calling him Xander.

So we were home for a few days and I took him in to check his bilirubin on Sat. and at 5 pm that night I get a call from our pediatricion he said he has a bed set up for us at the hospitial and we need to get there now. So of course I am bawling and worried. Meanwhile I am frantically packing a bag and trying to get a hold of my husband that was at work and I can't get him to answer. So we get to the hospital and he was starving and they were like don't feed him we will get formula, well it took quite a while and they were trying to start an IV on him so he was screaming and so I started bawling. I looked like a total idiot, but it is so sad when your baby is crying and you can't do anything for him, especially when they are so fragile and little. But he was such a good boy it was kind of sad, he just laid so good under the lights, and he hardly ate at all. Anyways we were there for 24 hrs, and his bili came down so fast so that was good. It was nice to be home, and my other boys were glad too.
So two weeks later we are all doing just fine. It has taken a little getting used to for Jax and Dylan, but I think they are getting better. Poor Dylan had a bit of a rough time. Its hard when they are all demanding your attention. If it hadn't been for my mom I probably would be crazy by now. She has helped me for the last 2 weeks and I cannot thank her enough, I have the best mom and sister ever, well I have the best family ever. My grandparents were here for a week helping me and keeping me company. I cannot list all the help I have gotten, everyone has been great.

Sorry for the longest post ever...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Mattinson

The big brothers were very excited to meet the baby.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's a Boy!!!

We were blessed with our 3rd boy this morning at 8:28 am. He weighs 5 lbs 14 oz, and 18.5 inches long. He is doing well, as well as all the rest of us are. We will post pictures and details later. And a name, we are still deciding on a name for little one.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just another week....

So I finally got some pictures, sadly but true I have not been in the mood to take pictures lately and its sad cause my boys are so adorable at this age. They do everything together although Jax is constantly pestering Dylan they just love each other. I found them on the couch the other day watching Curious George sitting right next to each other it was so cute.

So for an update as you know I am still pregnant:( but I guess its okay, because when I went to the Dr. this week they have me as 35 weeks and 1 day so I guess I can wait another week for him. I would hate for him to have any problems. So maybe next week....uh mmm wishful thinking. I am dilated to a 3 and 75 percent thinned, so I can't imagine going on like this much longer. But there are a few things that need to be worked out before he comes so I guess its ok. #1 I have a terrible cold and have not been sleeping so it would be rather exhausting to have a newborn. #2 We don't have a name not even ideas so we need to get thinking. #3 My grandma got us a bassinet and she wont bee here for a week. So I guess we should get a little prepared so he can come.