Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I just took this one today, I had to post cause it was so cute. I am so lucky to have these boys. Someone told me you make your life happy if you are happy, and I AM HAPPY!!! Who wouldn't be with these cuties.

I wanted to post a few recent pictures of Xander, he is turned into quite the little fatty pants and he is smiling and talking like crazy. It is so cute I just love this age. I have never had a kid this fat it is so crazy. But I love it he is such a cutie pie.

Excitement in our life....

We recently took a trip to Zion's and it was alot of fun. I wish we we could have went on a hike or something, but the kids are a little small. It is so nice having a beautiful national park right in your back yard. We walked on a little trail and found a stream for the kids to play in and they loved it, they are such little boys, dirty and curious it is so cute.

What a cutie, he is growing up so fast.

Xander was such a good little boy, he slept the whole time, until we were ready to eat of course. Anyone who knows they can sense when you want to eat cause they do too.

Jaxon was playing Mr. photographer, it sucks because we never get any pictures together.