Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our crazy life...

So lately we have just been livng our crazy life, with 3 boys its never a dull moment. Here are Jax and Dylan in my bathtub, they love taking baths in our bathtub. There have been a few times when we underestimated the bubbles, with jets a little goes a long way. We have had such a great time in our new house it has been so much fun. Its nice to have a place that we can call our own. We have began painting and I longed to do that for so long, but I have decided that it is a pain in the a$$. It is a lot of work and I definately have got that out of my system. Jaxon keeps saying when are you going to paint my room. And to be honest I am dreading when I decide to do that.

Here is our little Xander, he is growing up so fast, I think he is going to take off walking soon. Stands up to everything and eats everything off the floor. he has had a few pebbles of dog food I will admit, but he doesn't seem to mind. Poor kid. He has become quite the little thumb sucker too, feeding him is such a process after every bite in goes the thumb and it must be pried out before the next bite. Needless to say it gets all over. His eyes have turned brown and I have to say that I am excited because finally I have a child with my eye color. That sounds dumb, but my other kids have blue eyes and neither me or freddie has blue eyes. So I am glad to have a little brown eyed kid.

Lately we have been going to the movies and surprisingly all 3 kids have been great. It is a fun experience that we all enjoy. Sometimes getting out can be pretty hard, so this has been great.
Last I cannot believe christmas is right around the corner! I have been panicing the last few days because my mind has gone blank, what to get the kids. They need nothing, but are wanting EVERYTHING!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun!

So I am the worst mom ever when it comes to taking pictures when things are happening, I used to be so good at getting a shot of everything that happens. Now I am lucky to get pictures of events. I tried, but it is too hard. Maybe next time huh. I have been frantically sewing, I made all the kids matching pjs like the ones Xander is wearing and I planned on getting all 3 of them together, but try to get 3 boys to sit still at one time.

Here is our little baby pirate, he was soooo cute, we all dressed up as pirates, but Dylan insisted on being a fire fighter. So we let him win. Two year olds can be pretty stubborn.

Here is our other little pirate, the kids were so tired, but they had some candy and were ready to go.

Dylan loved dressing up in his fire fighter costume and he sure looked cute in it.

I made our costumes and bought the other boys, we decided not to spend a fortune on costumes, they do look home made but what ever works right.
I hope every one had a happy halloween. We got enough candy to last a lifetime. My kids had candy for breakfast, isn't that terrible.