Sunday, July 27, 2008

Love Love Love....

So I am probably like the last person to read these books, but it was kind of nice to be able to read one after another.I kept thinking I don't want to read a story about vampires, but oddly enough I love it. I am just finishing up eclipse, just in time for Breaking Dawn, and I am sooooo excited. I am debating whether to go to the release party at Barnes and Noble or just wait till the morning. You can buy them at 12:01, they are having a costume party for the best Bella and Edward." And my husband thought I was obsessed." I can't believe how good these books are, I have never liked to read and I have read all of these in such a short time. I hope she continues to write more books, or if she quits this series Edward and Bella better get together in the end.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!

On July 22, was our 2nd anniversary, whoo, big 2, but I am just glad that we are getting out of those first years of marriage. I decided to post a few pics of us, this first one was when we were first dating, Fred looks like a baby and I have the roundest face ever, but who cares. The others were our engagements and a wedding one, I was really pleased with our wedding photos, the guy did such a good job.
We celebrated by going to Zion's, without the kids, and went on a hike, it was a lot of fun and we bought an annual pass cause we want to go back and hike more. Its very hard with kids though, anyways we hiked the Upper emerald pools, it was beautiful to see these pools that have been created by nature. At least I think thats how they were created. I forgot my camera cause we were in a hurry and so we didn't get to take any pics. Afterward we went to eat at Oscar's, we were probably more excited about that than the hike, they have yummy food. So we got a night out and it was perfect, we discussed all the things we want to do in the future, it was nice to have a grown up talk. I'm so lucky to have such a great husband, he puts up with me and that is probably a chore. We plan for 50 more years of marriage. "Gee thats seems like a long time..." :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Living on the wild side...

Yesterday we went out to the lake for the day, it was a lot of fun and we got a lot of sun. I am burnt, but I haven't got any sun this summer so its well needed. Dylan's face was a little red today and Jaxon said he got a sunburn and it didn't wash off in the bath tub. He is so cute right now and says the funniest stuff, he pays a lot more attention than we think he does. This was my chance to get a few pics with the kids cause I am never in any pictures cause I am always taking them. We fished and actually caught like 5 fish, me and Freddies sister were screaming "get over here and get this fish off the hook." We just threw them back they were little things.
Freddie and his brother went cliff jumping, I'm not much of a jumper. We all wakeboarded, as you can see there are two pics of me and freddie, obviously he is way better than me. I try to jump the wake, but my little baby jumps just don't cut it. Its such a fun way to get out as a family and have some fun. I just wish my sister could come and go with us. "K'Brina"

Our fun weekend.....

So last weekend we went to Antimony for a family reunion with Freddies family, we rented out the Rockin R Ranch and had a blast. It was a nice change for the things we are used to doing. It brought out our inner cowboys. We went for a trail ride and then we were able to run some horses in an arena and let the boys get on a horse. We also rode in a canoe around a little pond.
Dylan didn't know what to think, but it was such a cute photo op to have the kids up on a horse, cause really how often will we be doing that. It was such a little dive place, but it was fun.
Jaxon bawled at first he didn't want to ride it, but then when dad was there with him he was happy to ride around the arena, holding on for dear life. He was riding a horse named Oreo, and that was a perfect fit for the kids to ride a horse with the name of a cookie.
Ya and me not the greatest horse rider, but it was fun to do something a little different than normal. Thank god these horses were well trained.
We also were able to go to Otter Creek and try out Jaxon's new fishing pole, we didn't catch any fish and were a little glad, cause I don't know what we would have done if we would have caught some. And on the last day we were there we floated down a river in a tube, it was kind of like white water rafting, but on the lighter side only a foot deep with no rapids. We had a good time, but was glad to be back at our home. It really is hard to have the kids out of their element, you have to be watching them constantly.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another birthday party...

This is of Jaxon's first cake, I tried to be suzie homemaker and make a Nemo cake, since that was our theme, but it wasn' as cute as I imagined. Someday I am going to have the time to make a cute one. He liked it any way. I have a little OCD and I want to do everything and there is just not enough time with a full time job and everything else.
This is at Jax's other party, this time I made him a baseball cake and it was just for the 3 boys they all licked it and stuck their fingers in it. What a mess, but it was the cutest thing ever, good thing they were running through the water feature to wash them off.

This is Jaxon's friend Braxton, they are the same age and have known each other since birth, they are finally starting to get along and it is so cute, cause Jaxon wouldn't go to the daycare gym unless Braxton was going to be there, they are both probably the cuteset 3 year olds I know. I think we are in for it when they get older. And this next one was Jaxon's new truck that we gave him, he loved it all we have done is ride it around the backyard, he loves to go in reverse then forward. Poor Dylan has whiplash from being thrown back and forth. It even has it's own radio and he just jams out to the music. He may be a little spoiled but we sure love him and it makes me happy to see him happy, I am a sucker for these boys of mine.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Jax!!!

Today is Jaxon's 3rd birthday, but we had a party for him in Salina over the weekend, and we are having another one tomorrow since I have to work tonight. The kids had so much fun, we had the party at my mom's house. We had party favors, as you can see Dylan loved them, and we had a pinata, cake, and fire works afterwards.
Dylan took a few swings at the nemo piniata and then bawled when we took the stick from him. This was one tough piniata, the kids hit it and hit it till the fin broke off, but never broke it open.
Finally we just dumped the candy out cause the kids were getting tired and we were loosing daylight fast. The children were probably in sugar shock from the candy and cake, but of course they were in heaven.
Then Jaxon opened his presents his aunt K'Brina and Ryan gave him a fishing pole, in hopes that we will take our boys fishing as much as they take their girls. We are planning to go to Otter Creek this weekend for a family reunion, so hope fully we will have some pictures using the new pole. He now just wants to play with it all day. He also got some tractors and trucks and a new tent. He loved them all and we have a tent set up in our front room. And this is only the beginning, we are having another party tomorrow, and I think there are bigger toys coming to that one. AHH. Our house is closing in on us, we have too much s!#@.

4th of July!!!

I love the 4th of July, its so fun for everyone, especially in Salina. The kids are just now starting to enjoy the park, thought the games aren't that great, but it keeps them occupied. Here we are riding in a fire truck, this is always exciting for the kids because they are mesmerized by the fire trucks, Jaxon just sat there as we rode around town with such a serious face, like he didn't want to miss anything. He loves having Aniston and Emerson to play with, and I can't lie I like having K'Brina to play with too... We arrived a bit late, cause for some reason it takes me forever to get the kids up, fed, bathed, and dressed. Freddie rode his bike and we were to pick him up on the way, but because we were running late he rode the full 20 miles. But he liked the exercise.
Here is Jax at the parade, he was in awe of all the horses, tractors, and dump trucks that drove by, he just sat and stared. It is such a great day, you get to let the kids have fun, and at the same time you get to see a lot of people you haven't seen in a while, the day is filled with so many things to do that your busy all day having fun.
We went to the rodeo hoping the kids would behave, but at the last minute we decided to leave Dylan with my mom and thank god we did because Jaxon was enough to handle. Digging in the dirt and trying to throw rocks, when he did pay attention he liked what he saw, but that was only for a few short minutes. His favorite thing about the day was using the outhouses, "sick" Everytime we saw one he instantly needed to go, so I took him pee, and then 15 min. later he needed to poop, he has been potty trained for 10 months and we haven't had an accident for a while, but you still can't not believe them when they say I need to pee or poop, so we used 3 outhouses that day and each time was so disgusting.
The fireworks were pretty fun, the ones at the rodeo were the best I have ever seen them and this year Jaxon stayed awake for them. We let off some fireworks the night before at my mom's house, the kids were so excited, but it was a little nerve racking. All in all it was a great couple of days and I can't wait till next year. The 4th is my favorite time of summer. It goes by way too fast.