Monday, October 5, 2009

So it has been forever since I have posted and there has been so many things that have went on. I guess so many milestones have passed. Here is Xander, he is almost 7 months old, he is crawling, rolling, just being the cutest baby. I just decided to post a few random pictures of everyone. This next one is at Pirate Pizza, it was Jax 4th birthday, can you believe it my baby is 4. This was alot of fun I think we had just as much fun as the kids did. And those were probably the most expensive swords:)

Xander got blessed in august, and both the boys got a shaved head from their aunt in hair school. I was pretty shocked when I saw them, but it has grown on me. Xander was such a little cutie in his little suit. He just sat up there and cooed during the whole thing it was cute.

This was the 4th of July, it was hotter than hell, but the kids had fun. We have never celebrated in St. George, so we figured we would take a turn here. There were some pretty fun things to do here other than the weather was so rediculous. They let the fireworks off right behind our house so we had a front row seat and that was great.

Once again the big 4. He is getting so big some of the things he says are so funny. For instance the other day we were driving to St. George and he said "why dont we have a hanna ontana on our car?" I was thinking what? Did he se someone with a hannah montana sticker. We were up north and it was the Hannah Montana concert and we saw a lot of crazy fans. I said cause we don't want one. He said "Why" I was like I don't know and finally he said you know that hanna ontana on the front of the car. Turns out he was talking about the antana, apparently our car doesn't have one on our hood. It was so funny.


K'Brina said...

Such cute boys. I can't wait to come down and stay with you next week!!

Rhiannon said...

Yeah a new post! Your boys are so stinkin' cute!

The Yee's said...

Good Job for posting:) I have been waiting. Such cute pics. I can't believe xander is 7 months. We need to get the boys together again. You need to come down.

Jason and Lauren said...

WOW! are ALIVE! I can't believe how big your boys are getting!
I have not heard much about the job in NICU but you could email our manager, Jeannette Cutner. I heard she may not even post the job, but just hire from who contacts her? So it would not hurt to send her an email and ask about the openeing...tell her I told you about it.
We NEED to get together...its been SO long! :)

Stephanie said...

Cute boys! I am sure things are never boring at your house!

ravi said...

It is really gr 8 fun watching your children grow. I have two daughters and still recollect how naughty and well behaved they were !!