Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have been a big slacker when it comes to posting. But I have been a little busy. Kids can be rather time consuming. I hadn't posted pictures for so long there has been a lot of new ones. Easter was great, I love easter its just fun, the kids had a blast and they wanted it to happen all over again. So here are a few pictures from easter.

Hopefully I will be posting more often. We have had alot going on and unfortunately this is at the bottom. But when I have cute pictures to post its fun.


We got our house! It has been such an experience, it is so nice. Honestly I never really thought I would have this nice of a house. I just love it I am going to post pictures soon, I'm just a big Slacker. I did want to get the boxes out of the way before I post. We have been working on our yard, well I haven't but my husband and his dad and brother have been, what a process, I wish I would have taken some before pictures, but its not close to done yet. But it will be so great and I will be glad to say I am so sick of red dirt in my house and all over the kids, its driving me crazy. Like I need any help.

Thank god I have a great sister that will take pictures of my kids and they are so cute why would I go somewhere else. I love you sis. I just love this first one the color and everything its so damn cute. This is Xander at 2 months, he is getting so big and sooo cute. He is smiling at things, I have to work hard for them sometimes but well worth it. Sorry sis I stole these, I know its lame of me, but he is so cute I just want to show him off.