Monday, January 11, 2010

Oreos and super heros!

Lately Jaxon and Dylan have been obsessed with all super heros, we have a few costumes around the house and they want to wear them constantly. Poor Jaxon is wearing this Spiderman one that is a little too small, but that wont stop him. They are the cutest super heros I have ever seen.

Xander had his first oreo here, what a disaster, I hate cleaning them up like this, but he loved it sooo much, and of course we have to have the thumb in there too.

Way to go me, no bib, brand new christmas shirt, thank god for spray and wash.

Last but not least SUPERMAN!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

A few more Christmas pictures, kids in the action of playing with their new toys.

I hope everyone had a great new year. We didnt do much just a regular night home with the kids. Glad to be home though. And for my resolutions, a lady at work said that you are more likely to do them the more people you tell, so either everyone will know how much a failure I am or I will strive to do it.
1. Get organized and stay organized.
2. Develop a routine for our house to stay clean, if its possible with 3 boys 4 and under...
3. Get fit and drop a few pounds. We are going on a cruise this year so 10 months to get ready there are no excuses.
Wish me luck...

Holiday Maddness!!

First, I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday! I know we sure did, we couldn't have asked for anything more, well except if my mom and sister could have spent the holidays with us. I am just posting a bunch of random pictures I took throughout december. The kids had such a great time, I am sad to see it go. We didn't even get to decorate our gingerbread house, maybe next year. This was Xander just loving his new toy, he is such a cheeser, but I love it. Dylan was glued to the TV watching spiderman, that is his new obsession. I love this picture of Jax, he looks so excited yet embarrassed, it was on Christmas morning, all he wanted to do was unwrap presents an I didn't hardly wrap any for him.

This was when we first put our tree up, as you can tell with a 9 month old the bottom decorations didn't last long. This was such a great holiday season I love every minute of it. I am so lucky to have such a great family.

This was my favorite picture, it was Christmas eve and the kids wanted to open a present, so they opened one that they had given to each other, they loved it ofcourse. We were like you better give each other a hug, Jaxon was like no way and Dylan wanted to kiss too. Dylan is such a lover, he is always saying "mom, I love you". It is so adorable it melts your heart. They fight constantly but here is a rare occasion of love. "PRICELESS"

We celebrated Christmas Eve at our house with my dad and Loralee and Freddie's family, it turned out great, so we were able to get a few pictures of us by the tree. Xander was so tired he went to be early and missed out on all of it. Look at Jax, he was so hyper and wild he was being a little dork. But a cute one!

Christmas was great and I think it gets funner every year. There is nothing like the holidays to bring everyone together.