Friday, October 24, 2008

Out of the loop....

So lately I have been doing nothing, and not posting, as you can tell. I always got so annoyed at looking at the same posts, and now I am annoying myself. For one my internet only works when you go outside so I hate sitting outside and posting. Anyways not a lot has been happening, just the same old thing, working, cleaning, sleeping. Nothing exciting. I used to put my kids down for a nap and do things I wanted to now I put myself down for a nap. I guess I need a little more sleep now.
As far as the baby, things are going good I went and got an ultrasound and they said I was measuring 5 weeks behind what I am, so hopefully I am wrong with my dates. My next ultrasound is scheduled for Nov. 5th and you would think that it is never going to come, but I am patiently waiting. Dreaming of pink things and flowers and hair bows it would be so cute and such a change from now, but I am not going to get my hopes up.
We got some new family pictures and I want to post one but I'm just not motivated right now and anyways I have to work in 1 hr.