Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This year we went to Fayette for Easter, Jaxon had so much fun coloring easter eggs. Dylan just tried to eat them. This was the first year that Jaxon actually got it, so it was fun for all of us.

Grandma Tracy loved helping Jaxon with his eggs. Can't you just see the mischief on his face. The weather was great and we played outside all day. Jaxon wanted to drive Aniston's jeep around all day, we also flew kites and rolled the eggs down hills. It was so much fun.


Johnsonsblog said...

That looks fun. Ours wasn't that great but you might have already heard. But everyone is doing better. The kids loved what the Easter bunny brought them.

Jason and Lauren said...

Looks like you and your boys had a fun Easter! Do you know how to create a friend list on your blog page?

Johnsonsblog said...

Just so you know the reason why Easter wasn't that great is because all of our plans fell through. I just hate it when that happens.